Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eclipse Countdown Giveaway: Defend Your Team!!

It's time for our final Eclipse Countdown Giveaway! No trivia questions this time.

To enter this giveaway, you must tell us if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob and WHY! You may leave your answer here as a comment, tweet it to us (@Twilight_Lurve), post it on our Facebook wall, or send us a message on Myspace.

Make sure your reason for your choice is well thought out and convincing. You've chosen a Team & now you have to defend it!

The winner will recieve a 24x36 Eclipse poster! We will choose the best answer and announce the winner on June 30th. Good luck & may the best Team win!

<3 Twilight Lurve


  1. After many changes between Edward and Jacob I have 100 percent became a Team Edward Fan. Why? Well to me, Edward is just right for Bella. Jacob is just a friend to Bella and never will be more then that. Edward is capable of loving Bella FOREVER. She can’t decide which she wants but it’s always been Edward. Jacob is cute and growing by the minute, but Edward has the looks, maturity, and really understands his woman. He is the perfect man...strong, intelligent, sensitive, artistic, caring, not selfish, and attentive; family oriented, fun, adventurous, and has a quirky sense of humor. Edward is a man that every women dreams to be with and to have. With Team Edward you can’t go wrong.

  2. Team Edward. I just like his cool composure and the fact that he'd do anything to protect Bella. Jacob is awesome, and OMG, those ABs! lol But I think he's a little too young for Bella's "old soul".

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  3. TEAM BELLA!.. cause she is beautiful! and if it wasn't for her there would be no Edward & Jacob.

  4. Team Edwward. He's not like most guys, he won't ever leave her, he will always love her, and she won't have to worry about not being good enough, or pretty enough, because he truly loves her! (and he's super cute, that never hurts!) :)