Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eclipse Countdown Giveaway: Defend Your Team!!

It's time for our final Eclipse Countdown Giveaway! No trivia questions this time.

To enter this giveaway, you must tell us if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob and WHY! You may leave your answer here as a comment, tweet it to us (@Twilight_Lurve), post it on our Facebook wall, or send us a message on Myspace.

Make sure your reason for your choice is well thought out and convincing. You've chosen a Team & now you have to defend it!

The winner will recieve a 24x36 Eclipse poster! We will choose the best answer and announce the winner on June 30th. Good luck & may the best Team win!

<3 Twilight Lurve

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Countdown to Eclipse Giveaway Event!

Update: Scroll to the end of this post for newest trivia question!

There are only a few weeks left until Eclipse is out, so we've decided to give some stuff away! Starting now, we'll be having random giveaways until June 30th!

Once or twice a week, we will post a trivia question on twitter, facebook, myspace, and here on the contest blog. The first person to respond with the correct answer will win whatever is prize is up for that day!

There is a stack of New Moon leftovers in the giveaway pile, and a few lovely new things to win. Make sure you check back here often to enter to win stickers, posters, magazines, and more!

5/20 Trivia Question: "The wind shook the tent again, and I shook with it" is the first line of which chapter in Eclipse?

Prize: Twilight Lurve Team Edward Sticker

Answer: Ch.22 Fire and Ice
Winner: Heather via Twitter!

5/24 Trivia Question: What are the names of the four people Stephenie Meyer dedicated Eclipse to?

Prize: Twilight Lurve Cullen Crest Sticker

Answer: Pancho, Gabe, Seth and Eli.
Winner: Valerie via Twitter

5/29 Trivia Question: TRIVIA Q: What is the headline of the article in Ch.12 Time?

Prize: Twilight Lurve Forks, WA Sticker

Answer: Seattle Terrorized by Slayings
Winner: Carolina via myspace

5/29 Trivia Question: Filming trivia! What was the production name for Eclipse that was used to throw off paparazzi & fans? First correct answer wins!

Prize: Official New Moon Film Poster

Answer: TSE
Winner: Susan via myspace

6/13 Trivia Question: What did Kristen say when asked if she believed in marriage at yesterday's Eclipse press conference?

Prize: Kristen Stewart's cover issue of Elle Magazine (June 2010)

Answer: She does believe in marriage.
Winner: Kayla via twitter

Enter to win by leaving answering the question here, on facebook, myspace, or twitter!